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Sarah Shelley

UX Designer/Developer

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I'm passionate about UX Design and Development, graduated with degrees in both fields. Also an Alexa Champion specializing in apps for Alexa devices.

If it's creative and requires a diverse set of skills, i will be the first one to sign up.

When i'm not studying or working, i'm enjoying being mum and researching the never ending list of unanswered questions in life. My nickname at my last job was, 'Smiley' because i'm always smiling. Unless i'm coding of course, then it's concentration face.

My hobbies are fitness, reading, photography and having a laugh.


  • HTML/CSS/SCSS/JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • RestAPI
  • React/Express/GraphQL
  • Figma/AdobeXD/Balsamiq
  • Field Research/User Testing
  • Video/Photo Editing